Tennis Clinics

We offer a range of Tennis Clinics throughout the year.

Please contact reception or the Tennis Team for details of dates and to book.

Having problems with your serve? The “Serve it Up” Clinic will focus solely on the serve and improving your technique.  The serve is the most important shot in tennis yet the least practiced.  Any player who can improve this shot will become a much tougher opponent to beat. Come along to our Serve It Up Clinic. Work on your stance, ball throw positioning and trophy position in order to create a more effective serve.

The forehand in the game is typically the strongest shot but often the easiest shots are missed yet the more difficult shorts re executed well.  This clinic focuses on hitting the correct shot for different situations.  Tactical points of the clinic include: more power from mid-court balls, attacking slow balls, creating angles from low balls, winning the point with the forehand, hitting with spin.

Backhand made easy! Improve your backhand with our top tips in the Backhand Clinic. Learn to drive the ball through the court, and create a greater sense of control of the backhand.  The backhand in the game of tennis is typically weaker than the forehand – both at club level and pro level tennis.  Turn your backhand into a weapon!

Experience the way the Spanish players train!  Players learn to move in patterns from side to side and forward and backwards.  These patterns practice hitting deep defensive balls and moving towards to hit the mid-court ball aggressively and incorporate volleys.  This also helps players to develop a better set-up position enabling them to play from all areas of the court.

*** Places on the clinics are limited so if you are keen to come along to any clinics, then please contact reception at your earliest convenience to book your place.  Payment is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable.***