Swimming lessons are arranged throughout the year for groups of varying ages and abilities.

Swimming Lessons

•  Group lessons which generally start from 3 years of age

•  Private lessons can be arranged for any age

•  Adult lessons

•  Crash courses during all holidays (apart from Christmas)

Our Swimming Lesson Courses run in line with the school term times. Closing date for the spring term (Jan-Mar/Apr) is November, closing date for the summer term (Apr-Jul) is March and closing date for the autumn term (Sep-Dec) is July.

Please be aware swimming lessons are very popular here at the Sports Centre and in order to give yourself the best chance of securing a place, please ensure you are aware of the above closing dates. Only current members may apply for swimming courses and an application form will not be processed without a valid membership number. We do operate waiting lists for classes. For further information, please contact the Sports Complex.