Swimming lessons are arranged throughout the year for groups of varying ages and abilities:

Swimming Lessons

•  Group lessons which generally start from 3 years of age

•  Private lessons can be arranged for any age

•  Crash courses during all holidays (apart from Christmas)

Our swimming lesson courses run in line with the school term times. Closing date for the spring term (Jan-Mar/Apr) is November, closing date for the summer term (Apr-Jul) is March and closing date for the autumn term (Sep-Dec) is July.


Our Junior Swimming Programme (Pre-school Beginners course to Junior Swim Fit) follows the updated National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS).

The 10-stage NPTS offers a fun, multi-skills approach leading to the development of a competent and confident swimmer, who is safe and happy in the water. As children progress through the 10 stages of the NPTS, they will work to achieve the appropriate “National Plan Awards”.

Amateur Swimming Association National Plan for Teaching Swimming Stages