At The Bank of England Sports Centre we offer a comprehensive range of fun and exciting courses for children aged 3 – 16 years. Our tennis coaches provide group and private lessons in a fun, friendly environment for our younger members to enjoy and progress.

Junior Tennis

Our tennis coaching programme follows the LTA tennis structure using the Mini Tennis Stages for 11 year olds and under, and a differentiation in standards for players aged 12 years and above. For more information about any of the the LTA’s Mini Programmes, please visit the LTA’s website

Please note that applicants for all courses must be current family members of the Sports Centre at the time of application and when the course takes place.

Full details of our current Junior Tennis courses, availability and booking procedure are available to download below


Red Tennis – 8 years and under
The Red groups play with slower balls (75% slower than a yellow ball), on smaller courts with shorter rackets.

Orange Tennis – 8 and 9 year olds
The Orange groups play on a larger court using tennis balls that are slightly faster than those used in the Red groups (50% slower than a yellow ball).

Green Tennis – 9 and 10 year olds
The Green group play on full size courts but with a slightly slower ball than a yellow ball (25% slower).

Yellow Tennis – 11 years and over
Once children reach 11 years of age, they are usually ready to play on full size courts with standard yellow tennis balls.

These classes are designed for players that are moving from the green groups to full ball tennis. These classes will cover technique of all shots with the main aim of being able to play and enjoy a game of tennis.
Coaches will split children into groups based on their ability.