Do I need to carry my membership card with me every time I come?

Yes absolutely. Membership cards are issued to all members over 10 years old. Cards must be swiped at reception for every activity in order to record attendance. Cards are not transferable and any card being used by a person other than the registered member will be regarded as a breach of the Rules and Regulations. Cards should be carried at all times and produced upon request. If a member forgets their card 3 times, an automatic charge will be made for a replacement card.

Can I bring any guests to the Sports Centre?

Yes you can bring guests to the Sports Centre. All guests must be signed in at reception and the appropriate guest fee paid for each guest. Each adult member can sign in up to 3 guests on any one visit and each child member over 14 years old may sign in 1 guest.
Adults guests aged over 18 years of age are required to pay the appropriate ADULT GUEST fee.
Children aged between 3 and 18 years old are required to pay the appropriate JUNIOR GUEST fee. Children aged 3 and under are free of charge.
There are 2 types of guests for whom one of the appropriate fees must be paid.
Playing guests:- guests wishing to use any activity (including all sports, paddling pool, adventure playground and soft play area)
Social guests:– guests wishing to eat or drink with a member
Monday – Friday
Adult Playing Guest – £7.00
Junior Playing Guest – £3.50
Adult Social Guest – £1.00
Junior Social Guest – £1.00

Saturday & Sunday
Adult Playing Guest – £10.00
Junior Playing Guest – £5.00
Adult Social Guest – £1.00
Junior Social Guest – £1.00

The member signing the guest(s) in must remain on the premises for as long as the guest remains. The member is responsible for the guest’s behaviour whilst at the Sports Centre.
Guests may NOT use the gym or attend studio classes.
Please note that children wishing to use the soft play area and/or the paddling pool, are considered as playing guests and therefore, the playing guest fee applies.

I have a nanny/au pair. Do you offer nanny/au pair membership?

Yes, we do. You can add your nanny/au pair onto your membership account so that they can bring your children to the Sports Centre on your behalf. You will need to complete a Nanny Form (available from reception) and once your nanny/au pair has been added to your membership account, we will notify you so that your nanny/au pair can visit reception to have his/her photograph taken and a nanny membership card will then be issued to them. The cost of nanny membership is £10 per month. The nanny card is strictly non-transferable and should you change your nanny/au pair, a new Nanny Form will need to be completed for your new nanny/au pair. The nanny/au pair membership allows your nanny/au pair to attend the Sports Centre only when accompanying the family’s children within the Sports Centre grounds and in the swimming pool. The nanny/au pair may not use any of the facilities independently or bring in guests.

How do I make changes to my membership?

Once you become a full member of the Sports Centre, you  may make changes to your membership. You can upgrade, downgrade, suspend or cancel your membership. To make changes, simply send an email to the Membership Team (see back page for contact details) outlining the changes you would like to make and your request will be considered and replied to.  We require a minimum of 15 days written notice prior to the end of the calendar month to make changes from the start of the new calendar month.

My partner/spouse has been posted abroad for a couple of years for work. What can we do with our membership?

Members can suspend their membership for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 years.  We require a minimum of 15 days written notice prior to the end of the calendar month to make changes from the start of the new calendar month. The cost for suspending membership is £20 per month on a calendar month basis. Whilst a membership account is suspended, members are opting to have no access to the site and they cannot use the facilities at all, even as a guest of another member. However, suspending membership means that as and when you wish to reactivate your membership, you can do so immediately, without having to join any waiting list we have in place or paying another joining fee.

I have a child at university. Do you offer student membership?

Once a child turns 18 years old, they are no longer linked to a family membership. Children aged 18-21 years can apply for Junior Adult membership and to be as flexible as possible, we offer this category of membership on a monthly or annual basis. So if your son/daughter wishes to have membership for a month over Easter or Christmas, they can simply apply for a short-term monthly membership for the period that they require membership. Please contact the Membership Team to enquire about Junior Adult membership.

Can I bring my dog with me to the Sports Centre?

Members are not encouraged to bring dogs. However, any dogs brought onto site must be kept on a lead at all times and, with the exception of guide dogs, are not allowed inside the Sports Centre premises. Owners/handlers are responsible for clearing up any dog fouling within the grounds. Dogs must not be left unattended at any time and owners are responsible for their dog’s behaviour at all times.

What should I wear when visiting the Sports Centre?

Inside the Pavilion, swimming costumes, bare chests and bare feet are not permitted. In the sports hall, members and their guests are required to wear sports shoes with non-marking soles. Clean squash shoes must be worn in the squash courts. Suitable tennis attire should be worn on the tennis courts; football shirts are not permitted. Members should wear appropriate clothing in the bar and restaurant.

Do I need to book to use the swimming pool?

There is no need to book when you wish to use the pool and/or relaxation suite. However, you do need to visit reception before you access the pool to register your attendance. Each member (and signed in playing guest) wishing to use any of the facilities needs to register their attendance at reception.

Do I have to go in the pool with my children? Can my children use the relaxation suite?

Children aged 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the pool at all times. There must be one adult to every 2 children under 8 years old. Children aged 8 and over may swim in the pool unaccompanied. Children aged 8 – 12 years old may use the Jacuzzi if accompanied by an adult. Children aged 12 and over may use the Jacuzzi unaccompanied as long as they behave in an appropriate manner. Children aged 16 years and over may use the sauna and steam room.

How do I book a tennis court or a place in a studio class?

All sports facilities including studio classes, the squash courts, tennis courts, snooker table, sports hall, table tennis and indoor cricket nets should be made via reception. Courts can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance; studio classes can be booked up to 7 days in advance.

What do I do if I can’t make a booking I have made?

If you have booked into a studio class or you have booked a court and you are unable to attend, please contact reception at your earliest convenience to inform reception that you are unable to attend and your booking can be offered to another member.
If a member is 5 minutes late for any booking, we reserve the right to offer the booking to another member and non-attendance will be logged. Repeated failure to cancel bookings will result in a suspension in booking privileges.

How do I get my child into swimming lessons?

Children have to be members to apply for swimming lessons. We offer a wide range of swimming lessons throughout the week, as both group and private lessons. Our lessons are incredibly popular and some courses do have waiting lists. Swimming lessons are offered in line with the school terms and we also offer intensive swimming courses during the school holidays. For specific details of swimming courses, please refer to the current Sports Course booklet (available to view at reception or to download from the members’ area on the website). If the Pool Team are not able to offer your child a suitable swimming course, your child will be put onto the waiting list and you will be notified as and when we are able to accommodate your requirements.

There is a lot on offer for younger children. What can my teenage children enjoy at the Sports Centre?

Once a child turns 10 years old, they receive their own membership card and can be left on site without a supervising parent. Children aged 12 and above may use the Jacuzzi without an adult. From the age of 10, children can start using the gym and attending junior studio classes. 10-15 year olds are required to have a Junior Gym Induction and thereafter, they can attend our regular supervised Junior Gym sessions. Children aged 16 and over can have a full induction and use the gym independently as well as attending all studio classes. We offer group tennis courses and junior swimfit sessions. Once a child reaches 14, they can bring and sign in a guest to enjoy the facilities with them; e.g. table tennis, squash, sports hall activities, tennis, swimming and jacuzzi.

Does my child need to be a member to attend the crèche?

Non-member children can attend the crèche if they are booked in by a current member. However, non-member children cannot pre-book a place in the crèche and a non-member fee is payable so if you plan to use the crèche on a regular basis, it would make most sense to add your child to your membership, enabling you to pre-book their place and be able to benefit from significantly cheaper fees.

Can we bring a picnic to the Sports Centre?

Only food and drinks purchased in the bar and/or restaurant may be consumed inside/in front of the Pavilion. Members may bring their own food and drink to the designated picnic area, which is located on the pool lawn and adjacent to the paddling pool and children’s adventure playground.

Can I leave my children in the soft play area while I go to the gym?

No, children using the soft play area must be closely supervised by a parent/guardian at all times. Supervision is to ensure the safety of the children and that their behaviour does not detract from the enjoyment of other members using the restaurant. Please ensure that the doors to the soft play area remain closed at all times. The soft play area is made up of 2 areas; the BABY AREA for children aged 0 – 2 years and the MAIN PLAY FRAME for children under 120cm tall. Parents must ensure that their children remove their shoes before entering the soft play area and that no food or drink is taken inside.
If a member brings a non-member to use the soft play area, the non-member must be signed in at reception as a playing guest and the appropriate guest fee paid.

Do you provide towels?

No, we do not provide towels. However, towels and water bottles can be purchased from reception. Members can borrow various sports equipment from reception when they leave their membership card as a deposit.

How do the lockers work?

There are lockers available for members’ use in all changing rooms and in reception. The lockers are operated using a £1 coin (refundable after use). For your security and the comfort of others, please use the lockers for the storage of your shoes, clothing and belongings whilst you are using the facilities. Lockers are only available for the duration of your visit to the Sports Centre; items left overnight will be removed.

Is my child allowed in the bar?

The Tyrell Bar and Balcony Bar are covered by a Children’s Certificate, allowing children under the age of 14 years old to be present in the bar up to 9pm. After 9pm, children under 14 years are not allowed in an open bar.

How can I find out what sports matches will be shown on the TV at the weekend?

We show many major televised sporting events and matches involving the home nation teams will invariably take priority over other sporting events. At some times, and when sporting events clash, a decision will be made by the Management Team as to which match will be shown. TV listings are displayed at reception in advance of the weekend. Management decisions are final with regard to television listings.